Piano lessons and buying a piano – Part IV How much should a piano cost? Piano lessons and buying a piano –  welcome to the final part of our series.  As we’ve covered before, if you are taking piano lessons, you really need an instrument to practice on! Today we’ll deal with that perennial question, “How

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Piano lessons and buying a piano

Piano Lessons – Help, I need a piano! Advice for buying a piano So, you’re considering piano lessons, you need a piano, and you’ve had a think about some of the considerations we outlined in Parts I and II of the series.    Hold on to your hats, let’s go get a piano! 1.  Field

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Piano Lessons – Buying a Piano Things to think about when buying a piano “Do I need to be buying a piano?” is a question that comes up frequently when we’re discussing piano lessons with people.  “Yes” is the simple answer.  But it doesn’t need to be a scary proposition.  We’re starting a short series

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