A recap: A famous movie director, Michael Bay (Transformers, Pearl Harbour and other “big” movies) had been hired by Samsung to speak briefly at CES, a gigantic technology trade show in Las Vegas, last week. He got on stage, started to talk, the auto cue failed, he flailed and walked off the stage. Watch by

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Guitar lessons with Musiquity

We love the feeling of possibility and space that the New Year gives. It’s important to take the time to look at your life and understand what’s working and not working for you and set some new challenges or goals, if that’s what’s needed.  There’s a lot of cynicism around regarding New Year’s Resolutions but

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Considering music lessons?  Discover the benefits… The more we read about the benefits of taking music lessons, the more we realise how fortunate we were to be studying, playing in ensembles, and generally discovering music from a young age. In a perfect world, we think that some kind of music activity should be on everyone’s

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Lost: One horn player

Thursday, 08 November 2012 by

On lost opportunities and the value of music education I had an interesting conversation recently with someone I met at a networking event.  Nine years ago, she had been accepted into music college to study horn.  She turned down the offer based on recommendations from her school teacher and instrument teacher and stopped playing entirely.

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