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Concert recommendations for a hopefully spring-like April 2013   Cadogan Hall, London Concert recommendations – We know you don’t have a lot of spare time, so we’d like to make things easier for you by choosing some of our favorite concerts in the upcoming month. This week, we’re looking at concert recommendations for Cadogan Hall.

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Plan your next month with Musiquity’s concert recommendations Recommending great concerts to help you enjoy more music! What are our concert recommendations for April, then?  We’re glad you asked.  Let’s start with the Southbank Centre.  We here it’s up for some controversial renovation, but for now we’ll enjoy it in all its 1960s glory. We

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March Highlights – The Barbican

Friday, 22 February 2013 by

Enjoy Music – Concert Recommendations for March 2013 The Barbican As usual on Friday, we’re making concert recommendations for the upcoming month.  Let’s see what there is to see at the Barbican in March, shall we? The “big ticket” for the month is most certainly the residency of the Los Angeles Philharmonic mid-month.  You may

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Ear Training App review - Right Note

Concert Recommendations Helping you enjoy more music! This week’s concert recommendations return to Kings Place (we’ll have to come up with a catchier name – any suggestions?).   Here are some concerts we really think you’ll enjoy. Starting off on 8 March is the acclaimed Schubert Ensemble with Enescu: Neglected Genius.  Give Enescu a try,

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Concert recommendations for March 2013 – Wigmore Hall It’s Friday, which means it’s time to look at some concert recommendations for next month.  Just think, at the end of March, there will be chocolate bunnies and eggs to look forward to.  So, if the winter is stretching out and it’s all feeling a bit dismal,

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