Singing lessons – beginners through to advanced

Singing lessons (also known as Voice Lessons) are a popular choice, particularly for adults.  Haven’t we all, from time to time, wondered if we could sing, or if we could sing better?

There are lots of styles of singing to check out as well – popular choices are of course Rock and Pop music and songs from the musicals. Studying classical singing is a great way to prepare for other styles of singing as it teaches good habits and solid musical skills.  Lots of people come to singing lessons for help with choir music or to prepare to sing for a special occasion.  Whatever your motiviation, you’ll find singing lessons are a really eye-opening experience and great fun.  

It’s quite common to be scared to sing.  Our singing teachers are very experienced in dealing with this, so if you fall in to that category, don’t be scared to get in touch with us and start singing lessons.  We’re quite sure you’ll be able to get past your fear and enjoy singing in just a few weeks.

One of the great things about singing lessons is that getting in to the music is almost immediate.  Most people are able to pick up tunes by ear, find background tracks to sing with, and learn words with relative ease.  A course of singing lessons will often begin by focussing on sound and support to get the student singing and comfortable with singing.  Learning to read music can come later if that’s what the student wants.

Whether it’s for your shower, for karoake, your community musical theatre group or choir, or to improve your singing for your own pleasure, we can find you a teacher in your area who will work with your goals, who can teach the style(s) you are interested in and who will support you in your journey.  Just fill out this form to get the ball rolling.

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