Piano lessons are the most popular type of music lessons in the UK.

The piano is, in fact, a wonderful instrument to study and piano lessons are well suited to the complete beginner.  When asked “What instrument should I (or my child) start with”, our response is normally the piano, simply because it is accessible, easy to start playing, and provides a solid musical grounding for any other musical instrument.

Pianos are relatively affordable and we’ve provided some handy advice on buying one in a series of articles.

Before you start piano lessons, you’ll want to think about how you learn best.  Piano teachers teach various different methods, and we all learn differently.  For young children, piano lessons are usually structured to provide 5-10 bursts of concentration on different activities – for example, beginning with note identification, then working on a piece, then doing rhythm and listening games.  The older the student becomes, the more learning preferences come in to the equation.  Some people like to see immediate progress, in which case, a primarily aural approach may be most gratifying.  Others prefer to approach piano lessons much more scientifically, which would mean focussing on technique, the rudiments of music and careful analysis of pieces.  There’s no right or wrong answer as to how piano lessons should be approached – Musiquity’s specially selected teachers teach with a variety of methods and we can find one to match your needs.

We can find you an excellent piano teacher, whether you’re looking for piano lessons for your child or for yourself.  Let us know what you’re looking for here and we will match you with one of our selected piano teachers.

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