Guitar Lessons for all ages, all levels


The guitar is an extremely popular instrument.  It’s fairly cheap, portable and easy to start on – a few chords, and you’re ready to play some songs!

If you want to explore beyond the few standard chords, Guitar Lessons might be a good option for you.  Rock, jazz, classical and other styles as well-  our teachers are available near you to help transform your playing.  Get in touch here – let us know what you’re looking for, where and when, and we’ll match you with one of our select teachers.

Taking guitar lessons is a great way to get in to studying music.  You’ll learn chords, rhythm and melody.  If you want, you can learn how to read music although some people prefer to stick with tablature notation.

Chances are, you might know someone with a guitar in their closet that you can borrow.  As you learn more in your guitar lessons, you may decide to upgrade your guitar or get some new equipment.

Most people are attracted to the guitar because they like the sound of the instrument in pop/rock music.  If you’re curious, there’s a lot more to guitar than that – jazz and classical are great styles to explore in guitar lessons!  Why not get in touch and enroll in some lessons today?

Guitar Lessons from Musiquity