January Concert Recommendations – Kings Place

by / Friday, 07 December 2012 / Published in Events and Concerts

Concert recommendations from Musiquity

Note: This is the first in our Friday series profiling our concert recommendations, picking from what’s on in the upcoming month at select venues.  Our first set of concert recommendations is from Kings Place, London’s newest concert venue.  

Whilst we’re mulling over what to serve the vegetarians for Christmas dinner, it feels a bit odd to be contemplating our concert diaries for 2013.  Equally, though, we like advance planning and it’s nice to have something to look forward to for the normally cold and bleak month of January.  So here are our concert recommendations.

Kings Place (we would so like to add an apostrophe…) presents a terrific variety of music and other art forms as you can see from this screen grab from their website:

Concert recommendations for Kings Place

Musiquity scans the London classical music scene and chooses the best concerts for the upcoming month.

We often feel like we might just want to camp out there for a few evenings.  And we hear that they have great bacon sandwiches?

At any rate, on to January, and our concert recommendations.

Bach himself was a great improviser, so it seems perfect to pair his music with some jazz improvisation on January 2nd.    Perfectly measured portions of classical and jazz sound like the perfect way to start the new year.

Sticking with Bach on Friday January 4th, we will always love the Bach solo cello suites so cannot miss this concert with Christoph Richter cello and Alasdair Beatson piano.

We absolutely think Respigi should be performed more often.  Head to the Badke Quartet and Michelle Todd on Sunday the 13th of January to have a listen to his Il Tramonto, amongst other things.

The London A Capella Festival is taking place from 24-26 January and Kings Place is playing host to a whole host of concerts, workshops and events.  A Capella, per Wikipedia, is “ Italian for “in the manner of the church” or “in the manner of the chapel”…music that is specifically solo or group singing without instrumental sound, or a piece intended to be performed in this way.” Folks, this is not Glee, and you should be prepared to be amazed and entranced by what these groups are capable of.  Our picks are Rajaton, a Finnish group, on Thursday the 24th, Retrocity on Sat 26th for a dose of pop, and the Choir of Clare College on the 24th as well, for what’s sure to be a spine-tingling programme of 20th century choral masterpieces.  That said, it’s pretty unlikely you’ll go wrong, whatever you choose from this festival.

Finally, we hadn’t taken note of  “Not so Silent Movies” before, but it really does look like great fun. (Sunday Jan 27th at 1430)  A quote from the website – “There’ll be as much slap-stick on stage as on screen; we get such a buzz from taking the risk with no safety net – it’s the adrenalin that makes it work, and when it’s over you can’t repeat it – it’s a one off!”

Just a reminder, there are some £9.50 tickets available for a lot of these concerts, which is a pretty amazing deal.

That’s all our concert recommendations for today – what are you looking forward to in January at Kings Place?