We handle billing, scheduling, administration and any issues that come up for our music teachers.


As we grow, you gain students and exposure.   You’ll be able to stop posting profiles all over the internet and making sure that your advert is front and centre at the local music store.


You can teach where you like (once we’ve seen it and checked it out!), when you like (just be sure to keep your schedule updated with us), and how you like.  Your current students stay your current students and you can continue to recruit through any other means you wish.


We aim to take away many of the painful/boring elements of running a teaching business to allow you to focus on what you do best-  teaching.

A voice

We’re new and we think there are lots of opportunities in this space.  Interested in running workshops?  Contact us and we’ll see what we can do together.  Would you like to blog?  Get in touch!  Irritated by something?  Let us know and we’ll have a chat.  Have a brilliant idea?  You guessed it – if you want to share, we’d love to listen.  Musiquity is aiming to be the best online/offline music education platform in the UK and this is just the beginning.

Music Teachers-  find a home with Musiquity