Why should I join Musiquity?

As one of our selected music teachers, you benefit in terms of time and money from our marketing and administrative support.  Musiquity is building a high profile online and offline and this in turn helps to increase your exposure and your visibility to the student/parent audience.  We take care in our matching of students and music teachers, and work with both parties if there are any issues. We schedule students, take care of billing and other administrative issues.  You have flexibility in how you teach, how many students you take and where you teach.

We are musicians and we want to help musicians make a living doing what they love. We aim to bring you more students and relieve you of a lot of the administration and management of running a teaching business.


Do I beome a Musiquity employee?

No, not at all.  You remain as you are today, as a self-employed individual.  Being a Musiquity selected music teacher doesn’t prevent you from working elsewhere and the decisions you make regarding whether to take Musiquity offered students and how to teach them are your own.  Musiquity does not pay tax or NI contributions for you and you are responsible for managing these matters yourself.


I’ve applied on the website, what should I expect now?  

Musiquity instructors must have previous successful teaching experience and have be communicative, positive and inspiring music teachers in order to be offered a place on our team.

Selection takes place in a number of steps:

1.  Music teacher applicants fill on an online application on Musiquity.co.uk detailing information including experience, education, ambition. This is reviewed by our team.

2.  Selected music teacher applicants are invited for interview with the Musiquity team where we discuss experience, education, reasons for teaching and philosophy.  We then review a lesson.  We want to make sure that the individual really loves teaching, has a methodology, and can communicate effectively.  If the music teacher teaches at home and/or in a studio space, we also visit this to make sure it’s well set up and suitable.

3.  References are contacted and a CRB check is obtained that the candidate is who s/he says and does not have a criminal record of any sort.  Most music teachers have already had a CRB check (or multiple checks) run and as long as you have had one within the last three years, we will accept that.  Otherwise, we will need to undertake a new application.

4.  Successful applicants are added to the Musiquity roster and matched with students based on the preferences of both parties.


This screening is rigorous and is completely different than what “directory” style websites do.


How much does it cost to apply?

There is no fee to apply to be a Musiquity teacher.  The cost of a CRB check (now known as a DBS check) if you do not have a valid CRB certificate will be passed on to you when you begin teaching your first Musiquity student.    This is approximately £55.

Music Teacher FAQ