Time for Part II of our guide to piano lessons and buying a piano, where we’ll cover New vs Used! If you haven’t done so, you might want to read Part I,  where we’ll give you some advice on things to consider to start with.  The biggest question is really Acoustic vs digital.  And remember, if

Piano Lessons – Buying a Piano Things to think about when buying a piano “Do I need to be buying a piano?” is a question that comes up frequently when we’re discussing piano lessons with people.  “Yes” is the simple answer.  But it doesn’t need to be a scary proposition.  We’re starting a short series

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Musiquity provides Concert Recommendations for January   Concert recommendations: The only thing for the cold and rain we’ve been having this week is to have something to look forward to.  No, we’re not talking about Christmas, we’re talking about January concerts! This week we’re providing concert recommendations for the Barbican in January 2013.  The Barbican,

Considering music lessons?  Discover the benefits… The more we read about the benefits of taking music lessons, the more we realise how fortunate we were to be studying, playing in ensembles, and generally discovering music from a young age. In a perfect world, we think that some kind of music activity should be on everyone’s

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25 years and thriving

Thursday, 29 November 2012 by

http://www.washingtonpost.com/entertainment/music/naxoss-25-years-of-reinventing-itself/2012/11/08/17231344-1877-11e2-9855-71f2b202721b_print.html Ah, Naxos.  For those of you not familiar, Naxos has been, since the 1980s, a major force in classical music recording.  As I started to buy my own recordings in the late 1980s, Naxos was a major source of puzzlement for me – why were these CDs so cheap ($4.99 or cheaper instead of

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