Plan your next month with Musiquity’s concert recommendations Recommending great concerts to help you enjoy more music! What are our concert recommendations for April, then?  We’re glad you asked.  Let’s start with the Southbank Centre.  We here it’s up for some controversial renovation, but for now we’ll enjoy it in all its 1960s glory. We

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Abolishing Private Lessons!? Ill-considered and unreasonable.

I’ve been pondering for a few weeks what to say about the Chetham’s scandal and whether to address it, and, since the weekend I’ve felt more like I need to speak up.  Last Friday, a Guardian article was published entitled “One-to-one music tuition may be abolished” , subtitled “Abuse claims may force review of traditional teaching methods,

App review of Symphonica, a music game – you’re the conductor! An engaging story that works listening and rhythm skills. Our app review this week takes a look at the lighter side of music apps.  Symphonica is an iPad anime music game put out by Square Enix, producers of well known games such as Final

Music Lessons – What instrument? Choosing an instrument – Consider the tuba! If you’re thinking about taking music lessons, sometimes you have a particular instrument in mind, and sometimes you need help choosing an instrument.   A few weeks ago we covered some general thoughts on choosing an instrument for music lessons.  For the next

App Review – Ear Training – InTune

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This week’s app review takes a quick look at a new ear training app, InTune.   Developed by cellist and professor of music Daniel Kazez, InTune tests and improves the ability to hear differences in intonation. InTune is very simple, it’s simply a game that plays out with the ability to share your score (just when