App Review of Noteworks

Music App Review  – NoteWorks, a note-recognition game for kids   This week’s app review covers NoteWorks  – an iPad game designed to teach note reading.  It’s available as a free, restricted version and a full paid (£2.99) version and is aimed at children. The free version only has one level and is only worth

Beginning Music Lessons-  How old should my child be?   We’re often asked what the best age is for a child to begin music lessons or piano tuition.   The answer varies from child to child.  Earlier seems to be better – scientists have proven that starting music lessons before the age of seven can

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App Review- Music Theory- Tenuto

Thursday, 18 July 2013 by
App review

Music Theory App Review – Tenuto   It’s always a pleasure to write an app review of such a great app!  (Nothing like giving away the punchline, right away, eh? 🙂 ) Tenuto, produced by, is a terrific app that covers all the building blocks of music theory.  It is made up of exercises

Concert Recommendations by Musiquity

Concert Recommendations – Wigmore Hall, May 2013 Planning your upcoming month with Musiquity Musiquity’s concert recommendations are designed to help you plan your next month of music-going.  There’s so much on around London, and often we end up hearing about wonderful things after the fact.  We’re aiming to lessen that issue with our Friday series

Concert Recommendations from Musiquity

Concert recommendations for a hopefully spring-like April 2013   Cadogan Hall, London Concert recommendations – We know you don’t have a lot of spare time, so we’d like to make things easier for you by choosing some of our favorite concerts in the upcoming month. This week, we’re looking at concert recommendations for Cadogan Hall.

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