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by / Thursday, 18 July 2013 / Published in Musiquity
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Music Theory App Review – Tenuto


It’s always a pleasure to write an app review of such a great app!  (Nothing like giving away the punchline, right away, eh? 🙂 )

Tenuto, produced by, is a terrific app that covers all the building blocks of music theory.  It is made up of exercises and calculators.

  • Staff Identification Exercises – Note, Key Signature, Interval and Chord Identification
  • Keyboard Identification Exercises – Note, Reverse, Interval, and Chord Identification
  • Fretboard Identification Exercises – Notes and Intervals
  • Ear Training Exercises-  Intervals, Scales and Chords

There are many options available – for example, in note, interval, key signature and chord identification, there is a choice of 7 clefs.  Range and key signature can be chosen.  Notes can be identified by letter or various types of Solfège.  There are different levels of difficulty available for interval and chord identification exercises.

The keyboard sections are useful for both piano players and non-piano players alike.  For the novice, there are exercises that show a written note and ask you to identify it on the keyboard, and vice versa.  This progresses into identifying intervals on the keyboard.  Most useful for the piano player is the chord identification exercise.  It’s another way to learn chords and inversions which can be very helpful.  The note and interval exercises are replicated on a fretboard, and one wonders if chords may come in the future.

If all that weren’t enough, there is an ear training section as well, which quizzes the user on intervals, scales and chords by playing them and asking the user to identify them.  There are multiple choices of instruments, and range and playback speed can be customised.

And finally, the calculators:

Accidental calculator: Display the correct accidental for the specified note and key.

Interval calculator: Display the interval for the specified starting note, interval type, and key. Tap the interval to play it.

Chord calculator: Display the chord for the specified starting note, chord type, and key. Tap the chord to play it.

Analysis calculator: Display the chord for a specified analysis symbol and key. Tap the chord to play it.

And my favorite, the Matrix calculator: Display the twelve tone matrix for the entered tone row. Select a transformation and tap the play button to play it.

Honestly, this app seems to have everything in it and it belongs in every musician’s toolkit.   I took a few years off from music and I’m finding this app really helpful to tune up areas that I’ve forgotten such as chord identification and even (embarrassingly enough) quick interval identification.  The user interface is clean and clear and simple to navigate.  It’s aimed at serious learners – I wouldn’t say it is suitable for young children simply because there are much more “fun” apps out there covering the simpler subjects that young children first need to master.

I can imagine a companion app to this product some day focussing on skills like transposition and harmony.  I’d be happy to write an app review of that too!

I’m sure it’s abundantly clear at this point in this app review – I think this app is great.  At £1.99 in the UK for iPad, it’s well worth the investment.

Hopefully this app review was informative.  Have you used Tenuto or a similar app?  What do you think?

5 / 5 stars