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by / Thursday, 25 July 2013 / Published in Apps, Kids
App Review of Noteworks

Music App Review  – NoteWorks, a note-recognition game for kids


This week’s app review covers NoteWorks  – an iPad game designed to teach note reading.  It’s available as a free, restricted version and a full paid (£2.99) version and is aimed at children. The free version only has one level and is only worth downloading as a trial for the full version.  This app review covers the full version.

Let’s highlight a few things we really like:

1)     The note reading covers all clefs in common usage – treble, bass, grand staff, and tenor and alto clefs.  It’s nice to see a kids app that thinks outside of simply treble and bass.  There is also a nice range of ledger lines used.

2)    The game can accommodate multiple players.  This is useful for music teachers using the app in a studio environment, as it means that students’ progress can be saved.

3)    The game can be set to identify notes by their letter names, on a piano keyboard, or most interestingly in solfège (moveable do).  Again, from a teacher perspective, this is great because it supports multiple methods of learning note recognition.

4)    The app includes all key signatures, allowing students to practice more difficult keys and build skills and facility.

NoteWorks is a game rather than a flashcard or practice app.  There’s a little creature named Munchy who eats the notes when they are correctly identified – if they’re not, they’re sort of obliterated by a furnace of some sort. 🙂 The notes are also played on correct identification so the player is making a kind of tune while playing the game.  There are sound effects which may amuse younger players but will probably get on adults nerves after a short while.  Thank goodness for the mute button!

This app is fine, but the game play is really exceedingly simple and it seems unlikely to be “fun” for very long.  And although £2.99 isn’t much money, it’s actually quite a high price for a simple app.  Our app review gives NoteWorks a middle of the road 3.5/5 stars – it’s fine and belongs in a teacher toolkit.  However, there are probably better value for money apps out there, so if pennies are tight, this isn’t the first music app we would purchase.

We hope this app review was useful.  Get in touch if there are any apps you think we should review.

3.5 / 5 stars