App Review of Noteworks

Music App Review  – NoteWorks, a note-recognition game for kids   This week’s app review covers NoteWorks  – an iPad game designed to teach note reading.  It’s available as a free, restricted version and a full paid (£2.99) version and is aimed at children. The free version only has one level and is only worth

Beginning Music Lessons-  How old should my child be?   We’re often asked what the best age is for a child to begin music lessons or piano tuition.   The answer varies from child to child.  Earlier seems to be better – scientists have proven that starting music lessons before the age of seven can

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App Review- Music Theory- Tenuto

Thursday, 18 July 2013 by
App review

Music Theory App Review – Tenuto   It’s always a pleasure to write an app review of such a great app!  (Nothing like giving away the punchline, right away, eh? 🙂 ) Tenuto, produced by, is a terrific app that covers all the building blocks of music theory.  It is made up of exercises