App Review – Ear Training – AuralBook

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Testing out AuralBook, an ear training app for all levels. Ear training can be difficult to study; AuralBook provides lots of tools to help with learning but in a less than attractive package.   Ear training is an incredibly important topic in the development of any musician.  This week we review AuralBook by Playnote. “AURALBOOK

Piano lessons and buying a piano

Piano Lessons – Help, I need a piano! Advice for buying a piano So, you’re considering piano lessons, you need a piano, and you’ve had a think about some of the considerations we outlined in Parts I and II of the series.    Hold on to your hats, let’s go get a piano! 1.  Field

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Concert Recommendations – Musiquity chooses our favorite concerts for the upcoming month This week we’re taking making concert recommendations for Cadogan Hall in February. Somewhat ashamedly, we have to admit we’ve never been there! The website says “Cadogan Hall is a 900-seat venue two minutes walk from Sloane Square tube station in the heart of Chelsea,

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