Looking for apps to study Music Theory?  Check out Read Rhythm!   A seriously effective app at a very reasonable price.   There are lots of elements of Music Theory that students need to understand but perhaps the most important one is Rhythm.  This week our App Review highlights another 5-star app, Read Rhythm by

 Time for Part II of our guide to piano lessons and buying a piano, where we’ll cover New vs Used! If you haven’t done so, you might want to read Part I,  where we’ll give you some advice on things to consider to start with.  The biggest question is really Acoustic vs digital.  And remember, if

Musical Basics - The Orchestra App Review

Learning musical basics – all about the orchestra with an app!   The Philharmonia’s “The Orchestra” is a terrific app that provides beginners and more experienced players with new insights into the workings of the orchestra. What are “Musical Basics”?  We call these the skills of instrument and style identification that some people learned when

Piano Lessons – Buying a Piano Things to think about when buying a piano “Do I need to be buying a piano?” is a question that comes up frequently when we’re discussing piano lessons with people.  “Yes” is the simple answer.  But it doesn’t need to be a scary proposition.  We’re starting a short series

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Abolishing Private Lessons!? Ill-considered and unreasonable.

Concert recommendations from Musiquity – we choose our favorite concerts so you can enjoy more music! There’s been a gap in our concert recommendations-  Christmas + the stereotypical seasonal illness are to blame.  This week we’re finally back on our feet and ready to think about February concerts, specifically those at the Southbank Centre, home

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